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    What can millennials do to overcome the crisis they currently exist in?

    Why is sweat equity so powerful? Why do you need to throw away your TV?

    On this episode, Lloyd, founder of Business & Bullets, shares on overcoming health challenges early in life, staying driven, dropping the scarcity mindset and being optimized under 30.

    TRT is becoming your suit of armor in a hostile environment that wants you androgynous.


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    At the start of the show, Lloyd shared on overcoming health challenges early in his life and how he feels being on TRT.

    He shared on why it’s unnatural to be obese, and how millennials can overcome the crisis of modern living.

    We also discussed the connection between neuroplasticity and hormonal decline, and towards the end of the show, we talked a bit about religion.

    Lloyd also shared on;

    • The importance of getting your blood work done
    • The power of improving your own cognition
    • The problem with the TRT conversation doctors are having
    • Getting out of the scarcity mindset

    Success in health is the product of hard work, consistency of effort and clean eating, and TIME.

    There is no shortcut to it, and we make success harder when we believe things come easy.

    Anytime you try to take the sweat equity out of something, it’s not worth earning. Remember the gift is in the struggle.

    If you want to win with your health, the first step is getting your blood work done so you can empower yourself and take the necessary steps to be optimized.

    Do this, and the next 20 years of your life will put the first 20 to shame.

    Guest Bio

    Lloyd is a father, hunter, entrepreneur and the founder of Follow him on Twitter @BusinessAndBull.

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