Dr. Aaron Grossman - Founder of CHEKD

Dr. Aaron Grossman – Founder of CHEKD

My name is Aaron Grossman, MD, and I’m the Founder and President of CHEKD – America’s Premier Source for Personalized Health Services and At-Home Lab Testing.

Like most medical students, I went to Med School with the intention of practicing medicine. However, the deeper and deeper behind the scenes I saw of the healthcare system, the more it became painfully obvious the vision I had for how I wanted to practice Medicine – as well as the vision I had for how patients deserved to be treated – could only be achieved by creating my own Sandbox for Health. One built on simplicity and truth in all matters of cost, convenience and control.

3 Problems with the Healthcare System I Witnessed Firsthand:

  1. No one was accounting for the true costs of services. Patients were being charged more than the actual costs. Way more.
  2. Patients have little to no control of the physician’s decisions which directly affect them.
  3. The bulk of Medical school trains doctors to properly prescribe drugs and has farmed them into essentially licensed drug dealers.

To put it simply, I came to the stark realization that NO ONE IS COMING TO FIX THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

When I realized no one was coming to fix things, I decided to pull myself from the Residency Match and create a brand new space online, CHEKD, where anyone could give themselves the permission they’ve been waiting for.

What is CHEKD?

get chekd at home lab testing

CHEKD takes a service that was previously only available to professional athletes, celebrities or high-level CEO’s and makes it accessible to the kind of person that truly cares about their health.

For the first time ever, you will be able to have your blood drawn in the comfort of your own home or office and have a licensed expert Health Care Practitioner come direct to you. You can personalize your own custom health panels at Chekd.com. You’ll schedule your own Health Care Practitioner to arrive and draw your blood (takes under 10 minutes) – Uber-style.

Admittedly, this might not be for everyone. This is a sandbox for personalized medicine. This is for people who don’t want to play in traditional medicine. This is only for people who want to keep a close tab on their numbers without having to visit a doctor every time, and potentially individuals who have catastrophic health plans, which are plans that have low monthly premiums but a very high deductible, leaving the consumers paying for most of their routine medical expenses.

It’s one thing to say you care about your health, but nowadays almost everyone works out and eats well. The real question is, do you really know what’s going on inside? People that really care about themselves want to see real numbers. You need to keep score. CHEKD is for people that want to keep score of their health.

CHEKD finally gives you the permission you’ve been waiting for to take control of your health.


CHEKD’s Values and Beliefs

At CHEKD, we believe that taking care of your health does not have to be expensive; you shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months to see a doctor; you shouldn’t have to sit for hours in a waiting room; that you should be able to have direct control of the decisions that affect you with your practitioner serving as a guide; and you deserve to work with practitioners who are mindful that most people want to consider costs when ordering tests, etc. but want a premium service.

Let’s call a spade a spade: Anyone who uses CHEKD is extremely intelligent, hyper aware of their health issues and wants to directly educate themselves.

You don’t need a Doctor who has been programmed for nearly a decade to think in terms of disease, treatment, and which drugs to use (dictated by Big Pharma) rather than intervention and your choices.

When it comes down to it, ask yourself right now – who would better describe the current state of your health, you or your Doctor?

My bet is on you.  And if you truly care about you as much I do, I better be right.

How Healthcare is Robbing Your Wallet Without You Even Knowing

According to the FBI, the average robbery steals about $1200 from the victim.

Now imagine the feeling of paying $400 a month to be randomly robbed at gunpoint one day to the tune of a few thousand dollars.

Every day, even as we speak people are getting financially molested with bills $1200+ more than they should be.

Take this recent bill for routine blood work below.

sample blood work lab slip

Seems pretty standard, right? You’re probably saying that’s just the high cost of Western medicine at work. Maybe you’re even thinking of a bill you or a loved one have had to pay even with insurance that dwarfed this one.

This same bill with CHEKD would be $303 (approximately $1000 less) and you wouldn’t even have to leave your house.

All by just making things simple and taking out all the noise.

The Healthcare Spell

Is it a coincidence that the root word for sorcery is the Greek pharmakeia? This is the word we get pharmacy from. It’s defined as “the use of medicine, drugs or spells.“

It’s time we lifted the spell that Healthcare has us under.


During Medical School I was dead set on Robotic Urologic Surgery and Male Health (Andrology). I amassed several publications, one of which was featured in the prestigious Journal of Urology. However, the deeper I went into the field the more I realized how much of an uphill battle I would be having day in and day out for one simple reason – The Healthcare System Does NOT Care About Male Health Issues.

Most top-tier Medical University Programs do not even have Male Andrology Health Faculty on staff!

Obviously I could not be part of that broken system so one of the things I wanted to ensure was that CHEKD would be able to provide a protected space to deliver and treat Male Health concerns. Good Luck even trying to find a Doctor that will even know what to test for 99% of the time.

Join the Revolution of People Optimizing Their Health

After reading Jay Campbell’s book The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, poring over his research meticulously and realizing he has laid the groundwork for arguably the single best environment online for TRT (not to mention he has walked the walked since Day 1 for EVERYTHING he writes!) I knew we had to partner together to combine the CHEKD health delivery infrastructure with his proven TRT Revolution protocol.


The TRT Revolution protocol takes care of everything: There’s first a comprehensive initial intake that includes In-Home (Yes, we will come to your home or office) Comprehensive Blood Work, an In-Home Physical Exam with one of our Licensed Health Care Practitioners and a one-on-one consult with our Expert Medical Director.

Upon approval, ALL of your Prescriptions with our #1 National Pharmacy and all supplies needed are sent privately to your door. In addition, follow-up blood work is done at mandated intervals of 4-6 weeks, 6 months and 1 year. We also provide quarterly one-on-one consults with our MD and direct access to Jay Campbell’s TRT Mastermind for exclusive private and group coaching.

Guys, the sad fact of the matter is no one is going to give a single flying zig or zag about your Low-T issues except for you. CHEKD has the logistics, lab network, transparent infrastructure and expert medical team in place to ensure your therapy is successful for life. The TRT Mastermind Coaching program has the experiential know-how, a proven no-nonsense approach and men who have mastered the clinical usage of TRT from every conceivable aspect of men’s health.


Combined, Jay and I have put together a Premier system that you won’t even need to leave your home or office for. We will check your blood levels regularly, provide the expert licensed Doctor counsel and direct access to deep-dive one on one and group TRT coaching sessions allowing you to take control of your body and reclaim your health and vitality.

CHEKD is now available for lab testing, blood work analysis, nutritional consults and personalized health services (like hormone replacement therapy) and in-depth wellness analysis in all 50 states. If you know you want to optimize your health immediately, go to chekd.com/trtrevolution to schedule your initial physical exam and comprehensive blood work.

Stop engaging in overpriced, unnecessary decisions regarding your heath care.  You have no more excuses.

Start using CHEKD today-and remember-your health will never be the same.

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