“How can I get my testosterone checked???”

Today I am finally going to answer this, as this blog is long overdue.

I have spoken often of testosterone, and its critical importance in male health.

I’ve also had many ladies ask me if it plays a role in female health (it does) and what can women do about their hormonal health.

Now, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on that internet.

That said, I do KNOW a doctor, as well as several respective experts in the field of functional medicine.

So, I’m going to lay out the three options that ANY of you can utilize (provided you live in the US) to get lab work done, find out your testosterone levels and other related hormones, and take control of your health as a whole.


Option 1-DirectLabs
Did you know that you DO NOT need a doctor’s order to have blood tests done? You can in fact pay for ANY test out of pocket, and this is what directlabs does. For something like testosterone, you can order a full testosterone check-up, get your results back, and use a resource like the TRTManual to see how your levels compare.

DirectLabs is very affordable, and this is what I recommend if you simply want to get your hormones checked out and don’t want the hassle or costs of going through your regular healthcare provider. You can do it yourself.

Option 2-CHEKD-

I’m not going to pretend that this cheap, because it’s not, BUT, if you want truly wanting to optimize your health, get a THOROUGH testing done of every possible deficiency, and speak to a qualified physician who can explain everything in detail to you, this is your option.

CHEKD is a nationwide concierge service that will send someone to your HOME to do a complete physical, do a blood draw, and they will do a comprehensive hormone and nutrient deficiency panel testing.

They’ve got 24/7 support, the founder, Aaron Grossman, is an expert in functional medicine, and they will lay everything out to you on a level that you would never normally get with HMO or even PPO health coverage.

Option 3-Your Primary Care Doctor

I have suggested to many people simply to ask their doctor to get their testosterone levels checked.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this falls upon your relationship with your doctor, if you even have one, whether they are willing to order these tests, what tests you should order, and various other complications. To be very honest a lot depends on your age and also your Doctor’s experience with hormonal optimization.

IF you can get blood work done through your primary care, go that route.

If that is an absolute headache, go the CHEKD route, or order it yourself with DirectLabs.

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