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Diet and Metabolism Optimization based on DNA



Learn How to Optimize Your Metabolism and Customize Your Diet Based On Your DNA!

Do You Want Clear, Actionable Advice on Optimizing Your Metabolism and Diet based on your DNA?

Join 3x International Best Selling Author Jay Campbell and Mayo Clinic Researcher and Author of Estrogeneration Dr. Anthony Jay as they present a premium webinar series teaching you how to FULLY OPTIMIZE your health and wellness by understanding your DNA.

This webinar will teach you how to optimize your metabolism.

What You’ll Learn:

​■  Are you a “high responder” to metformin?
​■  ​Can melatonin act as a replacement for metformin?
​■  ​Discover the importance of glucagon and glucokinase in your body
​■  ​What are your “intermittent fasting genes” saying?
​■  ​Learn about adiponectin and how to customize your adiponectin status
​■  ​Recognize how well your body handles saturated fat
​and much more…

Testimonials for Diet and Metabolism Optimization based on DNA

I joined in on the live webinar and was blown away by the information presented. I am looking forward to having a consultation with Dr. Jay myself, but I feel if someone couldn’t afford a personal session with Dr. Jay, they could extrapolate extremely valuable insights to their DNA by following along with this webinar and using the tools Dr. Jay presents. It was amazing to see how accurate he was with your DNA analysis and how it correlates to issues you deal with or have dealt with in the past. Many of the findings he presented would certainly help someone maximize their health and personalize their Metabolic and TRT approach. Great work!

—— Adam Rummler

The Genetic Exploration Webinar with Jay & Dr. Jay was was mind blowing!

With this being the first time I had heard much of this information, I thoroughly appreciated the genuine interaction and ability have several questions answered.
Worth every penny!

—— Brandon Goswick

I loved the webinar. It has been a long time issue my wife and i have had with our local trainers doing more of a one size fits all approach to working out and diet routines for our patients. Patients would come to us telling us they are not loosing weight, putting on muscle or just over all not feeling better like we told them they should. This podcast hit the nail on the head on how important our genetics are to our every day lives, hormones, exercise and diet plan. It was great to see how we can now get this DNA testing done to not only improve our patients lives but to assist them on the right track of disease prevention.

Because of this webinar, our practice is now going to start strongly suggesting all of our patients get this testing done and we will be getting educated on proper reading of this material to improve there lives.

Thank you Jay and Jay, keep up the amazing work!!
What you guys do, makes me a better health care professional and I can not thank you enough!!

—— Joshua Hudson RN
Revive Optimization Therapy

Due to the nature of the product, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS for this purchase unless you experience an ACT OF GOD that requires me in good conscience to refund you.

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