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Guaranteed Shredded



Want to Maximally Reduce Your Body Fat as Fast as Humanly Possible? If so, keep reading…

In the 20+ years I have spent working with men and women from all walks of life, ranging from average stay-at-home moms, to multi-millionaire business execs and A-list men and women fitness competitors, you would instantly recognize…

…the SAME question will always come up over and over again:

“Jay, what is the optimal program for experiencing the FASTEST, HEALTHIEST FAT LOSS possible?”

In other words:

If I put together every single advanced fat loss hack I’ve discovered (over 25+ years in the fat loss game) and created a definitive blueprint for achieving quick, supreme fat loss – all while keeping ultra-low levels of body fat year round, what would it look like?

After nearly 4 months of deep in the trenches research and experimenting, I’ve come up with my best possible answer.

Folks, this is quite literally the most extreme way in existence for achieving ridiculously fast fat loss while maintaining superior levels of health.

And now it’s yours as part of my newly created, never-before-seen program:


Now’s your chance:

■ ​How to schedule all 168 hours of your week so you spend as much time as humanly possible melting stubborn body fat
■ EXACTLY what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat depending on your body type and day-to-day schedule
■ The perfect supplement stacks for extreme fat loss fine-tuned by myself and world-class fitness professionals to dramatically enhance your body’s natural rate of fat loss
■ A training program I’ve used with my inner circle to retain maximum lean muscle mass while spending a minimal amount of time in the gym
■ Four of my very best and most advanced fat loss hacks for people who want extraordinary results (WARNING: These are NOT for beginner or the faint-hearted – you will take these strategies on at your own risk)
■ My hard-set rules you MUST follow if you are dead serious about losing fat and keeping it off for good

If you’re not convinced yet, let me give you 2 dead-simple reasons why Guaranteed Shredded is the precise solution you’ve been looking for.

1) I have personal SKIN IN THE GAME when it comes to my Physique Transformation.

I’m an extremely busy guy – not saying that to brag, but just to show you what I’m going through.

I’m responsible for watching over a chaotic family of three children with my Rainbow Unicorn wife Monica.

I run MULTIPLE highly profitable businesses (both offline and online), one of them includes an 8-figure real estate production agency in Southern California.

But to make things even better…I’m going to be on vacation in the beautiful city of Playa Del Carmen in late February (for my Birthday) and I want to look SHREDDED TO THE BONE.

Here’s what all of that means:

I’m going to follow my own book to the letter and drop my body fat level to 5% in under 10 weeks.

And I need to achieve this seemingly ridiculous goal while living an extremely hectic and high-stress lifestyle that few men would be able to handle for a single day.

If my book works as well as I says it does, you will see me in the best shape of my life when you scroll my Twitter and Facebook feed come late February.

If not, you can PUBLICLY call me out and ask for a full refund of your money. 😉

2) I have worked tirelessly to ensure that this product is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER WRITTEN FOR FAT LOSS!

It’s one thing for me to brag about achieving single-digit body fat, but I would LOVE to see you do the same.

So here’s everything I’ve done to make your fat loss journey as easy as humanely possible.

I made sure to include nothing MORE OR LESS than the very best medications and supplements you can legally buy (don’t worry – I’ll also tell you when to take them and at what dosages)

You’ll also receive my best weight training and cardio routines for maximum fat loss, all dumbed down so you won’t have to spend any time or energy worrying about what to do next.

Even better, the final product is only 20 pages. Unlike my comprehensive international best-selling books that take a deep dive into the science, all you’re going to receive is the action plan.

In short…my job in writing this book was to make sure I lay out everything as simply as possible so that you can accelerate the speed of fat loss and achieve extraordinary results.

Your ONE AND ONLY RESPONSIBILITY for guaranteed success in using this book is to execute the plan. That’s it!

No joke – this is a plug n’ play system where all of the instructions need to be followed correctly. (minus your personal customization)

You already know everything there is to know about my epic fat loss system and how it can work for you.

So with that said, this is my one and final promise to you…



The only thing left for you to do is to click on the link below and claim your copy.

Testimonials for Guaranteed Shredded

The Holy Grail of Fat-Loss – a tested and proven manual for Shredding

I gotta say “THANK YOU!” Guaranteed Shredded is truly amazing. I’ve been on a solid program for 8 weeks, and was averaging a loss of 2.5 lbs body-fat per week. My lean body mass is growing at same rate of .5 lb week. This is just 2 weeks in, so still have some time to go, but it’s looking great.

This is truly the holy grail of fat-loss. Many lives will be changed. It’s not even hard, bro!

—— Chris R

The Simplest Fat Loss Solution I’ve Ever Used

As I’ve gotten older its been harder and harder to lose fat. This is the ONLY book you need on the subject, if you want results stop thinking about it and just buy it!

I’m so happy to finally have this system of nutrition in my life!

—— Jesse Brown

The Definitive Guide to Shredding Your Fat

Out of all the material I’ve read on fasting, this book is the simplest most concise resource available.

Nothing fancy but, when to do it, how to do it, what to eat and when… everything is laid out for you.

All you have to do is take action.

After purchasing the book, I started fasted on my off-training days as laid out in the book.

My focus has been off the charts. My focus is sometimes spotty, but it is ON when I am following the approach in GS.

tl;dr: Read this amazing book, do the work, and get ready to buy an entire new wardrobe!


Due to the nature of the product, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS for this purchase unless you experience an ACT OF GOD that requires me in good conscience to refund you.

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