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About TOT Revolution

Jay is an internationally recognized and best selling author who has written five books within the optimization and health care space. Alongside his 20 years in the men's health industry, Jay is a former collegiate basketball player, and a Male Physique Champion.

“At 29 I was kicked in the testicles while playing in a men’s adult basketball league, and was blessed to have been turned onto therapeutic testosterone.”

From that moment on, Jay has become a global evangelist, teaching men, women, and their doctors how to optimize their hormones, their lives, and their happiness.

The TOT Revolution website and The TOT Revolution Podcast are the definitive resources for all things testosterone, health optimization, and raising the consciousness of humans everywhere.

Jay, along with Anabolics author William Llewellyn, founded as the premier online destination for patients to find the best vetted optimization physicians in the USA.

As a no-nonsense, in-your-face guy in a day and age where being hyper-masculine is frowned upon, it has been Jay’s ultimate mission to create a resource for men to get the real and honest truth about utilizing therapeutic testosterone.

That vision has arrived.

Welcome to The Revolution.