A Conversation on Spiritual Fitness & Enlightenment w/ Jason Grey & Daniel Kelly

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We talk a lot about physical disruption, but we also need to talk about the mental disruption people are suffering.What is the problem with atheism, and how is it a symptom of a greater disease?Why is fear so prevalent in people today? Why are people so driven to escapism?On this episode, Jason Grey, Daniel Kelly, and I have a deep conversation about how we can cure the fear, skepticism, and general bad health gripping our society.

It’s about pulling out of your situation, and having the awareness that there’s something more than just your situation. -Jason Grey

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At the start of the show, we talked about just how much the men in our world are typified by estrogen dominance.Next, we talked about the real reason so many people have become atheist, and how we’re enslaved by our survival programming.We also discussed:- How we’re being disrupted both physically and mentally- Why living in fear is so pointless- Why video games and Netflix are a lot like XanaxAt the center of the atheism, skepticism, escapism and addiction is fear. And ultimately the overarching FEAR of death.The media exacerbates it with messaging that tries to keep us in constant fight or flight mode because it makes us very easy to control.So how do we cure this?Become aware of what’s happening outside of yourself, optimize your hormones and lifestyle because this makes it harder for your fear response to be triggered.Believe in something bigger than yourself, and remember that life is about living, not fear.Guest BioDaniel and Jason are writers focused on physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. Go to Daniel’s website http://optimizedunder35.com/ and find Jason on Twitter @AwareIntegrate. To learn how to fully optimize your health and life, read the Amazon best-seller The TOT Bible.

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