From Endurance Runner to Bodybuilder, Part 3: The Biochemical Techniques of Building Muscle

with Dave Palumbo

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One of the most alarming statistics in professional bodybuilding is that a huge amount of athletes would shave years off their lives in order to win.

As a result, they end up working with reckless and irresponsible doctors and trainers.

What are the dangers of making such a decision? How has bodybuilding changed since the 1980’s?

On this episode, I continue my conversation with bodybuilding legend Dave Palumbo, who talks about trends in the industry and how to get into great shape safely.

There’s a lot of irresponsbility out there. People go to irresponsible practitioners because they get good results. That’s because they are willing to roll the dice with their clients.-Dave Palumbo

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At the beginning of the show, we talked about how bodybuilding has changed since Dave Palumbo started.

Next, we talked about the importance of training intelligently, and how technology has impacted how people train.

We also talked about the importance of considering biochemical individuality in how people’s bodies react to drugs.

We also discussed:

  • How bodybuilders have become lazy
  • The best and safest drugs to use for growth
  • If professional bodybuilding is at risk of becoming extinct

Technology has done so much to make life more convenient, but in training and bodybuilding, it has led to recklessness, shortcut-taking, cheating and general laziness.People want to cut out the pain of the process, and they’ve stopped training with intelligence.The truth is, if we opt for the easy button, we will eventually do irreparable harm to our bodies, which we will surely regret.If we train right, we can get into our best shapes and still live long, healthy lives.Guest Bio:Dave Palumbo is a retired bodybuilder, and the CEO and Founder of

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