There are a lot of male medical professionals that seem to believe estrogen is irrelevant in men, but it actually plays a huge role in a lot of key functions and health benefits.

What are some of the aspects of the human body that are impacted by estrogen?

What happens when those levels are reduced?

On this episode, I continue my 3 part conversation with Dr. Neal Rouzier as he shares his profound wisdom in his lecture on estrogen.

As males, we should be just as interested in our estradiol levels as our testosterone levels— if not more so.

Dr. Neal Rouzier

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At the start, Dr. Rouzier shared the mistake medical professionals make by overlooking estrogen and how important it is.

Next, he talked about why estrogen is the true indicator of bone density issues. Dr. Rouzier also talked about how estradiol increases lean body mass and inhibited orchiectomy(removal of the testicles)associated fat mass.

We also covered:

  • How estrogen regulates body composition
  • Estrogen and prostate cancer control
  • The harm Aromatase Inhibitors (AI’s) cause

With all the studies that show the harm caused by AIs, the conclusion is that in aging men, estrogen is the dominant sex steroid regulating many key optimization functions.

Aromatization of testosterone into estradiol is crucial not only for skeletal preservation, but also for beneficial effects on body composition.

If you want to gain or maintain muscle, estradiol is important. Lowering and reducing it does nothing good for men or women.

Guest Bio

Dr. Rouzier is a world-renowned optimization medicine physician, educator, researcher, clinician, speaker and author. He is the founder of WorldLink Medical. He specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement for men and women.  His passion for literature research has led him to be one of the most credible speakers in the field of bio identical hormone replacement. Go to or for more information.

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